September Shake-Up?

I don't know if you're the same, but September finds me shaking things up a home. At least a little bit. 

This year's September shakeup victim was my 15 year old son. I'm not normally that Mom who goes in and makes the kids' beds, or picks up their laundry. They're expected to take care of that stuff themselves.

But eventually it all becomes too much.  So Labour Day found me purging 2 years worth of too-small clothes, lost and dirty socks, and dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds. 

He may have gone back to school short a few supplies, but his socks match.

Do you ever feel like September is an opportunity for a shakeup? When your family's schedule changes do you find your mind wandering to new possibilities?

Traditionally September is the time of year that phones start ringing again. Contractors get calls for quotes and Realtors get calls about home searches.  Suddenly you have the headspace to explore some ideas. 

I can't think of a better September to be exploring possibilities if it involves a new home. 

Home prices have come back down to earth after a radical climb from August 2021-February 2022.

(Affectionately referred to around here as "the pimple".)

Yet despite that pimple popping, it's not a complete meltdown. Our median sale price in Belleville is sitting at arounds 507,000 for August. It's actually up 1% since July, and almost equal to the median sale price for September 2021.

A look at Quinte West shows a similar story, Sale prices actually went up quite a lot in Quinte West last month. Supply is down. just a touch. Price adjustments aren't as drastic. 

And you're STILL better off buying a home now vs paying an inflated value at January's low interest rates. I did the math. Check it out here.

Are you planning a September shakeup? Know someone who is?

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