Such a boring term for a world that's conditioned to click on the most sensational or scary headlines.

Here are some normal facts for you about our normalizing real estate market. Real estate markets are cyclical. 

The last 2 years we've been an upward cycle and we reached the top of it in February.
A correction isn't a crash. 

Inflation is running hot and the Bank of Canada is tapping the brakes to try to slow it down. This is normally done by pushing up the overnight lending rate. If we tip into a recession (and economists are divided on that) it's expected to be brief and shallow. 

There are opportunities in every real estate market.

Prices are dropping due to higher interest rates and lower demand. If you've got equity or a down payment saved then don't give up on your real estate goals. 

I for one, am relieved to see us return to a more normal real estate market. No more 'click bait' list prices or bully offers to contend with. No more conversations about how risky it is to include conditions in your offer. 

We're back to negotiating fair deals. Back to doing a little due diligence. Back to honest list prices. 

Real estate is a long term investment, and house prices trend higher over time. 

Keep this in mind the next time you're sucked into another gloomy article about the real estate market. 

It's just normal. 

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