Bee-ing Real.

I am a beekeeper. 
In the spring, the entire goal is to keep the girls healthy and with enough space to produce new bees. 
A crowded colony is going to leave to find a bigger place. And they really don’t care what interest rates are doing at the time. 

The Queen Bee lays up to 1500 eggs per day.
Things get hot and crowded FAST. 
Who decides when it’s time to go? 
The girls, of course. 

There’s no long drawn out search on MLS for the ideal move-up home. 
A couple of scouts go out, they return to the hive, and the decision is made.
Before you can say ‘light the smoker’ the whole colony and their queen has left the neighbourhood. 

A smart beekeeper watches for clues that more space is needed.
These girls are moving up right where they are.
Look close and let me know if you spot the Queen!