Toes to the Bar

In CrossFit there's a particularly evil movement called 'Toes to Bar'. 

You've got to grab the pull up bar and through some miracle of gymnastics, get your feet over your own head to touch your toes to the bar. 


I've been working on this movement for years and still can't do more than one in a row. 

Coach tells me that it's not the first one that's the hardest. It's the second. But then it gets easier.

Your body figures out how to move quickly and efficiently to get from that first T2B to the second. Once you've figured that out, muscle memory takes over. Or so I'm told.

Number 3, 4, 5...they're way easier because your brain and your body are co-operating (until you wear them both out). 

When you're trying to move up to a better home for yourself and your family, it's all about leverage. 
You need to leverage a lot of your time and your own skills and the little bit of money you have to buy your first home. 
Once you're in, you sort of sit back and sigh with relief.

But then you outgrow that first home, or your situation changes. You now need to leverage the equity you built here to move up into the next one. 

This second move is the hardest. The purchase price of your next home can be pretty intimidating. Time has passed, prices have climbed. 

You need to squeeze every drop of equity you can out of your first home, and you don't have as much time as you used to. 

This is where you'd do well to have a 'coach'. I might not be great at T2B, but I've got this move up thing figured out. 
There's still loads of work to do. Some stress involved. But I'm here to tell you that it can be done, and there's a formula to it. 

It might feel overwhelming at first, but you've got this. 

And maybe move number 3 isn't a move at all for you. Maybe move #3 means leveraging your current home equity to buy an investment property. Or a building lot. Or a cottage.

How much easier does that sound? 

But you've gotta get through that second move.