Real estate should not be be adversarial. 

The goal: to come out the other side feeling like we all got what we needed, without giving up more than we wanted. 

Once a deal is firm, it’s even more important that we’re all rowing in the same direction.

If you thought agents just sat back and sighed with relief once conditions are met, think again. 

Stuff comes up.
  • Mom and Dad can’t house us in their basement after all for those 3 weeks we’re between houses. 
  • The washing machine malfunctioned and flooded the basement 2 days before closing. 
  • Junior ran down the hallway with an open magic marker while we were labelling boxes. 
  • The appraisal came in low and we need another one. 
These are just a few real-life incidents.

Here’s where both agents become late night text buddies. 

You’ll find us negotiating closing amendments. Finding short term rental accommodations. Moving appliances. Referring painters. And finally, gathering all our comps for the next appraiser.

Of course, it all changes when one party feels like they’re not winning unless the other side is losing. 

Then the gloves come out.
And it kind of sucks.