The Samosa's

I was 'fired' by a client last Sunday.
To be fair, I might not have laid out expectations as well as I should have. 

Monday to Saturday, I'm your gal. But between real estate and this reno project, I work all. the. time. 
I'm the first to admit it's not healthy. 

By Sunday I know it's time to take a break, so I keep my elbows out pretty hard. 
Unless it's an emergency, a totally inflexible schedule or an offer'll have a hard time peeling me away from my family on a Sunday. 

So I didn't respond to the 9:30am text on Sunday asking for a viewing at 10:30. In fact, I didn't even see it until 3:00.
But I was still beating myself up about it on Monday. 

Then on Monday I received a box of samosas. 
A dear client and friend made a trip to her favourite Toronto samosa haunt, put them in a gift bag with tissue paper, dragged them all the way to our Campbellford showing and gifted them to me as a thank you for taking the time to work with her. 

I've never given samosas much thought. But they're the best tasting thing I've ever had, mostly because they were such a thoughtful, unexpected gift.

Tuesday brought another reminder that my people are out there.

A client commented on a recent post, reminding me about the time I helped her and her husband through an incredibly difficult transaction. 

There are Sunday agents.
I can even find you one. 
I'm not one of them.