March 2022


Posted on Mar 22, 2022

Real estate deals shouldn't be win-lose.

The goal is to come out the other side feeling like we all got what we needed, without giving up more than we wanted.
Once a deal is firm, it’s even more important that we’re all rowing in the same direction.

If you thought agents just sat back and sighed with relief once conditions are met, think again.
Stuff c...

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Growing Pains

Posted on Mar 04, 2022

If moving up was easy, everyone would be doing it.
Deciding to make the move into the ideal home for your family is a decision you have made and backpedaled from and made again many times now.
The fact is, you are short on time, short on information, and you’re afraid of making the wrong decision.
Selling your home and buying a new one requires a huge...

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