June 2022

Bee-ing Real.

Posted on Jun 20, 2022

I am a beekeeper. 
In the spring, the entire goal is to keep the girls healthy and with enough space to produce new bees. 
A crowded colony is going to leave to find a bigger place. And they really don’t care what interest rates are doing at the time. 

The Queen Bee lays up to 1500 eggs per day.
Things get hot and crowded FAST. 
Who decides when it’s time...

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Cherry Picker

Posted on Jun 09, 2022


[That's Dutch for cherry picker. Sort of.]

Picking the easiest and best. The tastiest. Avoiding the difficult things that make you uncomfortable.
For years I've been putting myself through some pretty hard things at CrossFit Belleville in the name of fitness.
I've figured out what I'm good at. More than once I've 'cherry-picked...

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Its A Shift Show.

Posted on Jun 01, 2022

We're in a funny spot in the local real estate market. 2 months ago homes were selling for $100,000

or more over asking price.

Now we see homes sitting on the market longer, or selling for $30-$40,000 over asking instead of $100,000+. Some are even selling with conditions or for less than asking price.

In other words, it's a shift-show. 'Scuse my Fren...

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